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Crane manufacturers

In the technology field for cranes, ALMESA offers solutions for girder cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, … We offer you complete solutions starting with the initial planning until the installation, including data transmission.

Iron and steel industry

ALMESA offers open conductor systems, double shoe brakes and cabins for the production areas of iron and steel companies.
The conductor lanes make up a safe source of electric energy for admissible intensity up to 3000 A and by this makes it possible to stoke a big number of power charges, submitted predominantly to operation under severe conditions, for example gantry cranes, gantry shuttle, manipulating equipment for containers, monorail transporters, machines for coking plants, electric hoists, etc.

Automotive and metalworking industry

The electro tracks and mobile platforms are essential in self moving systems. With the electric conduct systems, ALMESA is able to feed complex installation equipment like changes in tracks or curves.

Big companies with warehouse automation

ALMESA supplies several products for the installation of warehouses and sorting areas. Electric conductor systems in PVC and aluminum cabinets which incorporate up to 10 conductors in one casing, supply the devices with the electric current according to the customers’ needs.
Special components simplify the assembly and accomplish maximum space reduction.

Port industry

As for application in ports, the ALMESA products are used specially in the container manipulating cranes. They provide an adequate electrification system for long distances (coiling or conductor channels) and for car traveling (cable carriers or a combination of single pole tracks).

Transport systems

ALMESA also supplies adequate solutions in the field of people’s transportation, whether it is about railway vehicles without driver, elevators or attractions.


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