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Represented Brands


ALMESA imports the majority of its products and resells them in Mexico. The company has exclusive representations on national level and in Latin America (in the case of Gessman) for leading European companies in this branch such as:

  • Vahle, Germany (Electric supply by means of protected ducts)
  • Conductix-Wampfler, USA-Germany (Electric supply by means of protected ducts)
  • Giovenzana, Italy (Electric supply by means of protected ducts)
  • Liftket, Germany (Chain hoists)
  • Kuli, Germany (Cable hoists)
  • Gessmann, Germany (Joystick controllers)
  • EMG, Germany (Hydraulic brakes, couplings and pulleys)
  • Tecna, Italy (Balancers)
  • Bettermann, Germany (Connectors for plane and round cables)

The products imported from Germany and Italy count on certification ISO 9001 and guarantee the best quality which is required for optimal operation and use of the products.

During the last five years, the firm has managed to obtain major representations of foreign companies, such as Vahle, Conductix-Wampfler, Liftket y Kuli. This could be accomplished thanks to the range of products offered by ALMESA and the increase in the demand of those products in Mexico.


Vahle, Alemania
Giovenzana, Italia
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